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Click Here to Read Head Over Heels Policies (PDF)

How to Register For Classes:

New Students

  1. Click on link above to read through Head Over Heels Policies
  2. Go to the “Home Page”
  3. Click on the age/level/class that corresponds to your child
  4. Find the class that corresponds to your child
  5. Choose your day/time and click “Register”
  6. Follow prompts to enter your information
  7. You are all set!  We can’t wait to see your child in class!

Current Students

  1. Click on link above to read through Head Over Heels Policies
  2. Go to the “Home Page”
  3. Go to the upper right hand corner and click “Click Here For Existing Customer Log-In”
  4. Sign in to the Parent Portal using the email and password you had created
  5. Click on the “Find Classes” link
  6. Choose your class day/time
  7. Follow prompts to register
  8. You are all set! We cant wait to see your child in class!

Head Over Heels Ithaca - FAQ

  1. How do I know what days the gym is opened or closed?
    Check our gym calendar page on our website!
  2. How many sessions are in the year?  Can I start any time?
    We offer two class sessions throughout the year.  Our Academic Session runs September-June and our Summer Session runs July-August.  YES! You can start anytime during our sessions.
  3. Can my child join in the middle of the month?
    No problem as long as there is room in the class. We will prorate your tuition for the number of classes remaining in the month.
  4. What class should I sign my child up for?
    Please sign your child up for the class that corresponds to his or her age as of right now.  Parents often want their children in an older or more advanced class than is appropriate.  It is best to keep children in a class where they can achieve success and be comfortable with the skills they are doing before moving on to the next class.  It is much better to move a child up if the class is too easy than to have to move them down.  Along with your child's motor skills, we also take into account their social skills.  Please have patience with the learning process.  It is always best to sign up for more than one class for increased retention of skills learned.
  5. Can my child make-up a missed class?
    Yes!  Please refer to Head Over Heels Policies for our full make-up policy.
  6. If there is bad weather, is there still class?
    If the Ithaca City School District is closed Head Over Heels will not be open for Morning classes or Unstructured Playtime.  We will make a decision if we are holding afternoon classes by 1:00pm. If the weather improves, we MAY hold afternoon/evening classes.  Cancellations due to the weather will be on the gym voicemail at least 1 hour before classes start (this also includes inclement weather closings on a Saturday). Cancellation notification will also be sent to your email on file and posted to our face book page. Make-Ups can be arranged for missed classes due to weather as long as the child is currently enrolled.
  7. I have multiple children, is there a discount?
    We are happy to provide a tuition discount of $5.00 off each monthly tuition for the additional children in your family.
  8. Can my child attend more than 1 class per week?
    Absolutely! We feel it is most beneficial for students to enroll in more than 1 class per week.  Doing so not only gives the child more time to practice skills, but also gives them the opportunity to obtain greater strength and flexibility, which are vital in skill development. We provide a discount for multiple class registration.
  9. Once my child is registered, can they change their class day/time?
    Not a problem, as long there is room in the class they want to switch into.  Please contact the office to make those changes. 
  10. My child advanced to a higher level class, now what?
    When your child advances to a higher level class it may be necessary to change the day/time of their class.  When this occurs please contact the office to make those changes.  In order to switch day/times/classes there must be room in the desired class.
  11. Will my child always have the same coach?
    We make every effort to provide a consistent coach for your class on an ongoing basis; however we reserve the right to change instructors for any classes at any time.
  12. What should my child wear to class?
    T-shirt and Shorts/Sweatpants or Leotard or Leotard and shorts
    Ninja Zone – Ninja Zone uniform T-shirt & Headband MUST be worn
    No jewelry is permitted with the exception of post earrings. Hair must be pulled tightly away from the face. Bare feet are best!  No gum allowed.
  13. Are parents allowed to watch?
    Absolutely! We have a Parents’ Seating Area set up for parents to view classes.  For the safety of your children and for insurance reasons, anyone (including siblings) not participating in a class MUST remain in the Parents’ Seating Area.  Parents & siblings are not permitted on the gymnastics equipment/mats. (For our Parent Participation Programs, parents and/or guardians are permitted in the gymnastics area.  However, for these programs, siblings who are there to watch are not permitted in the gymnastics area.) We are not equipped to supervise
    children before class, after class or in the bathroom.  
  14. Can my child play on the equipment before/after class?
    Children are not allowed on the gymnastics equipment/mats except for their designated class time.